5 Handy IOS Apps For The Lawyer On-the-Go

Being a lawyer means that your professional life revolves around taking notes, speaking to clients, handling cases, looking into files, jotting down information, courtroom sessions, and what not. Basically, your job is not easy. However, the good news is that there are tons of amazing mobile apps out there which can help you professionally, making your job easier. Listed below are 5 such apps that will not only make your work easier, but will also enhance your productivity as a lawyer.

Circus Ponies Notebook

Circus Ponies Notebook is one of the most powerful tools a lawyer’s smart phone could possibly have. Be it for research work, note-making, organizing notes, or even full case files, this app is ideal for lawyers. The app also comes in handy for other functions such as recording lectures, keeping track of meetings, managing case files, managing projects, and basically, getting stuff done in general. The app works like your regular paper notebook, giving you a great way to manage all your tasks, ideas, documents, data, and notes, and keeping them in perfect order. Besides, be it images, spreadsheets, web clips, PDFs, this brilliant app can keep all your elements organized in one place. Moreover, lawyers can use a search function to look for any referenced word, and can take notes directly on the document in display. So, no more carrying heaps of files and paperwork around, just let Circus Ponies Notebook handle it for you.


Whether you’re a legal practitioner, a law intern, or even if you’re still an aspiring law student, there’s one app that you’re better off having than not, and that app goes by the name of Evernote. As a lawyer, you’re always taking down notes and essential information that you might have regarding your case. Evernote is an ingenious app that makes note-making and managing your notes an effortless task, allowing you to sync all your information and notes on a cloud platform across various devices that you use. What’s more, you can also use the app to store and manage images, audio-notes, research material, to-do lists, tags, and more. In a nutshell, Evernote is a brilliant tool that allows you to manage, save, share, and sync all your law stuff across all the devices that you use.

Black’s Law Dictionary, 9th Edition

Almost like a Holy Grail for lawyers, the Black’s Law Dictionary is definitely the ultimate law book for every lawyer out there. Packed with more than 45,000 terms and alternate spellings, and equivalent expressions of more than 5,300 terms, the Black’s Law Dictionary is undeniably one of the most popularly cited law books in the world. Via this nifty app, you can have access to a digital version of this iconic law book, right on your iPad or iPhone, at the tap of a finger! Furthermore, besides terms, this handy dictionary is packed with a whole range of other legal elements such as spellings and audio pronunciations, definitions of legal abbreviations and acronyms, quotations taken from century-old sources, and more. What’s more, the app also gives you real-time search features, and allows you to bookmark terms for reference and future use. So if you’re into law, this is one app you shouldn’t be missing out on.


Fastcase is a super app that gives its user’s instant access to the entire Fastcase law library and the legal research system – for free! It gives user’s full and easy access to state and federal cases all over the United States. The apps contain cases and statutes from all 50 states as well as from the federal government. Users can search by keywords, citation, or even browse statue collections. The app gives out the most relevant results out first and gives you customizable, sortable search results. If you come across a handy citation or a favorite document, you can save it for future use. This app can prove to be extremely handy for last-minute legal research, especially if you’re in a courtroom and you’re looking for a case you wanted to cite.


Penultimate is yet another remarkable app by Evernote, which makes note-making not only extremely easy, but fun too! This awesome app offers to its users a rather attractive concoction of features, which can come in very handy, especially if you’re a lawyer. Lawyers are always scribbling notes, information, contact details, phone numbers, and what not. This is where Penultimate steps in. Instead of using pen and paper, lawyers can use Penultimate to write notes using a stylus or even a fingertip! This is extremely handy to jot down basic notes and information on the go. Furthermore, the app also allows you to store notes separately according to case, projects, category, and so on. There’s more – the notes that you make are erasable, which means, this app can be a great tool for brainstorming too!

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