5 Business Google Chrome Apps You Must Have

You might have browsed Chrome’s web store and found many fun apps. Did you know that there are apps that are strictly for business purposes? These apps come equipped with advanced features of planning, forecasting and even invoicing. Most of them are free while some come with nominal costs. If you’ve been from the ignorant lot yet, it’s time that you get yourself updated with the following Google Chrome apps for businesses and may as well save a lot of your time, money and efforts –

1. SlideRocket – While working in the corporate world, making and attending presentations becomes a part of your daily routine. There is nothing better than an app that lets you create presentations by importing them from PowerPoint and then collating them. Of all the Google apps, this truly is my favorite. It is available for free and even lets you add audio to your presentation.
You can share your works with everyone on your Google Contacts list and can use the analytics feature for checking out the traffic on your presentation. It is simple, easy and can be used to work on your presentations from your computer at your leisure.

Click here to download SlideRocket for your Google Chrome.

2. Aviary – Another free app from Chrome but lesser known for its business uses, Aviary is used for basic and advanced photo manipulation by various artists as it is like a substitute for Photoshop. However, not many people are aware that Aviary is perfect for editing photos, logos and presentations too. It lets you add audio to your pictures, create business cards and letterheads and even make banner ads. It is easy to use and full of utility.

Click here to download Aviary for your Google Chrome.

3. Syncplicity – Syncplicity is like an advanced file syncing app because it lets you sync all kinds of formats like pdf files, MS Office ‘03, ‘07 and ’10 and videos and audios too. You can use this app in collaboration with Google docs to save the files in their original formats. It costs $45 a month for a maximum of 3 users while you have to pay $15 for every additional user per month.

Click here to download Syncplicity for your Google Chrome.

4. Expensify – This is easily the best app for managing your office expenses. You can import all your statements from your credit card or bank account and log them with the app. It also lets you capture receipts and export everything when you need reimbursement from your manager. For creating reports, it is free of cost.

Click here to download Expensify for your Google Chrome.

There are many other apps that provide a little more than the ones mentioned but are not free. If you need advanced features, it is okay to spend a little but if basic services are all you require, the above apps will work just fine. There are many substitutes for a single app in the chrome web store and you can choose one that includes all your must-have features.