5 Best Android Cloud data storage apps

The “Cloud” is the name for a network of servers that allows the user to save data or run programs online. This article deals with Cloud storage, which is a service allowing people to store files online in a secure manner. Cloud security is really based upon the security protocols set up by the Cloud service you buy, but many of them take security very seriously as a major breach in one service is going to affect trust in all of them.

The Cloud is not a single entity; it is the name that companies give to their network of servers. These servers are all connected up so that they (in essence) provide one large-remote hard drive. You may upload a file to the Cloud but all of your data does not go onto just one server. This is good for reliability and security in most cases. There are different companies that offer different Cloud services and storage services, and some of them offer Cloud storage via the Android. Here are five of the best Android Cloud data storage apps.

1 – SkyDrive

SkyDrive is being run by Microsoft, which offers a fair amount of reassurance to a lot of users. It means that the Cloud service is not going to go anywhere any time soon, as Microsoft is a massive company that is unlikely to go bust next week. Plus, they are a big company with a big budget so they are unlikely to be scrimping when it comes to online security and making their servers hacker proof.

You can also rest assured knowing that all of the Microsoft Office data files are going to be compatible and easily stored, including the updated versions as they arrive. It is also a very easy to access Cloud service and the upload/download times are pretty good compared to many of the other services.

2 – Amazon CloudDrive

Just like SkyDrive, this is another Cloud service that is run by a company that is hardly likely to go bust any time soon. It was built as a nice place for storing images but is now ideal for storing eBooks and music that you purchase from the Amazon store. Just like SkyDrive it has a very good upload and download time, and is run by a big business so you need not worry too much about security or viruses.

You are given a bit of storage for free, with the added benefit that if you purchase MP3 music from the Amazon store and put in on their Cloud then it is stored for free. Even if you purchase a whole chunk of space and put loads of Amazon MP3s on your Cloud, it will not count towards your Cloud usage.

Box.com Android App Screenshot

3 – Google Drive

Just like the two above, this Cloud service is run by a company that is very unlikely to go out of business any time soon. It means that you can relax a little and rest assured that you are not going to have to find a new place for all of your data in a rush. It also means you can relax your concerns about their security protocols, in fact, they may have better security than Amazon as Google is made up primarily of programmers (a bit like Microsoft).

If you use a lot of Google services on your Android, then it may actually be more convenient to use the Google Drive Cloud service. It too has very good upload/download speeds, and they have made their Cloud service able to accept almost any type of file.

4 – Dropbox

This is a very popular Cloud storage company, even if it is not run by a massive company such as the three above. It is available with most operating systems, including the Android OS. It allows you to share information freely throughout your devices (mobile or desktop) and is very reliable. It has become popular because it rarely lets people down, and there have been no publicized cracks in their security.

Sign up and you get a little bit of free storage space, but you are only allowed to purchase up to 16GB. This is not a big problem unless you are looking to back up your entire Android hard drive. The upload/download times are better than most Cloud services and the company has done a good job so far in maintaining their service.

5 – Box

This is another popular Cloud service that is not run by a big company but is still well known and loved by Cloud service users. It is easy to use and you get a bit of free storage to get you started. Its ease of use makes it good for people who have never used Cloud storage before, as the user interface is pretty intuitive and easy to understand.

Cloud services tend to have their limits. Some have bandwidth troubles, other are unable to accept many file types, etc. This Cloud service has a nice range of file types that it can accept, even though it is a little limited. It can accept a few image files, presentation files, audio files and video files.

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