5 Amazing features of latest iOS7.1 for iPad and iPhone

Smartphone industry has grown a lot over last few years, if we look at past years there were only few smartphone manufacturing companies in the world like Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericson, Samsung etc, but if we look at the market today we will find lot of smartphone manufacturing companies around the world having different and amazing features and designs. As technological advancement has grown a lot many organizations that were not able to produce high tech products were able to produce high quality product and services. In past there were few regions who were availing new services of smartphones and now we can find many regions who are availing services of smartphone.

Apple has introduced many amazing products over few years that include major products like iPhone and iPad. These amazing products like iPhone and iPhone do run amazing operating system iOS in them having amazing features and support for different unique services. New iOS 7.1 comes with great support of iOS app developers. Apple has different iOS version in recent years each having amazing features and support/ services. Apple do have introduced different OS versions over last few years each having amazing features and support/ services. A few days ago apple has unveiled its new OS version 7.1 with amazing features. In this article we have 5 Amazing features of latest iOS7.1 for iPad and iPhone:

iOS 7 photo

Car Play

Apple has introduced other innovative features, which most of the car lovers were waiting for many years.  Car Play system comes with amazing de facto system which is integrated to with iphone and iPad apps. The apps include accessing for music files from iTunes and Apple maps. Car play is amazing features for personals who love long driving and they have to travel in different maps and locations. Carplay amazing entertainment system makes driving full of entertainment

These amazing features from Apple can be used for different notch companies around the world like BMW and Honda etc.


Apple iOS 7.1 comes with another quite improved Siri version which has quite improved services now user doesn’t have to manually search for new things, new Siri has lot of new features and support for multiple new languages and it has amazing languages recognizing services to make searching hustle free.

 New improved Accessibility Settings

Apple new iOS 7 versions comes with new and improved accessibility settings in which user can access different keyword options that includes keyboards in different colors like black and brown representing quality iOS app development. These features are quite useful for users who want to move to different screens and access them with keyword options while different applications running in the background.

Camera Accessibility Options

 iOS 7.1 versions allows users to capture different pictures at then later merge them together in a album and share them on social media etc.

New improved Calendar

Apple new iOS 7.1 comes with new and improved Calendar, the user interface has improved a lot now users can multiple screens with quite ease and set calendar accordingly. Its new layout is now more colorful and attractive.

Photo by FalkoMD

Photo by FalkoMD