4 Laptop Features The Professional On The Move Needs

In the past when you’ve been looking around to purchase a computer you probably went by the usual things that most people go by. Speed is a big one. Everyone wants a fast computer. If it’s slow you’ll never be able to get as much stuff done. What about the amount of data you can store? If the number is a big one it automatically makes us think we’re getting a good deal.

Laptops are different and you don’t want to go by your usual standards like big numbers. Sure, they are important, but it’s not going to make too much of a difference. You want a laptop that has special features. Things that make it easy to use, otherwise you could have just went out and bought a desktop. Keep these things in mind when you buy your next laptop.

It needs to be light

The whole point in having a laptop is so you can carry it around easier. Work anywhere you go: Brazilian coffee shops, Malaysian airport lounges, or even down the park. The last thing you need is for it to become a struggle to carry it around with you.

Of course you can put a stop to this ever happening by making sure you choose a light one. These days it’s quite easy to find a high quality piece of kit that weighs less than a bag of sugar. You will never struggle again.

And small is good

Every year laptops seem to get smaller and smaller. Maybe you’d think that if it was so small it wouldn’t be able to fit in everything you need. This isn’t so. I suppose that has something to do with the fact the technology keeps getting better.

Even if you are going away for a long weekend a small laptop can fit easily into your bag. You can get them so small that you won’t even notice they are there. Just make sure you’re fine with the size of the screen. Don’t go too small if you have bad eyesight.

A good keyboard

The last thing you need is to buy a laptop and find out you can’t use it to type. The whole point of a computer is to input information and the business might not go anywhere if you can’t keep up with your writing schedule.

Even if you have chunky fingers you might find some laptops have keys that are too close together. This can get quite annoying after a while if you constantly have to keep editing everything.

Don’t forget the touchpad

You’ll know how important a mouse is on a normal desktop. The touchpad is the equivalent of a mouse, so you have to be able to use it freely. You will usually find the quality of touchpad increases with the more money you spend, but not always.

If you do any editing on your laptop then a good touchpad is even more important. Sometimes with the lower standard ones you will find you can’t do what you want with them. You might run into trouble if you are doing work for clients and they expect the best.

Brian is a tech  blogger with GimmiTech.co.uk a leading UK based site that can help you buy laptop on finance. Many people only look at technical specifications like processor and RAM and forget about essential physical characteristics like weight, size and keyboard.