10 Fast Ways To Get More Twitter Followers Successfully

Twitter is a great medium to meet new people. It is one of the most popular social networking websites in the world. Almost every internet users use it for various purposes.

It is particularly beneficial for the businesses since you can use Twitter to promote your products and services and draw prospective clients. Therefore, having more followers fast becomes imperative since with more Twitter followers you will be able to enhance your Twitter influence quickly. There are numerous effective ways to get more Twitter followers.

10 Fast Ways To Get More Twitter Followers:

Provide Link to Your Twitter Profile

You can share your Twitter profile via emails in the form of an email signature. You can also link to your Twitter profile with your other social networking and media profiles such as Facebook, Google+, Myspace, YouTube etc. Furthermore, you can include your Twitter name on your business card. All these strategies will help to get you several new followers.

Participate in Latest topics

Trending and latest topics often get loads of exposure hence participating in such topics can offer your tweet more publicity than it would normally. You can also benefit by following highly pertinent people. If you follow relevant people, there are chances they will follow back.

Purchase an Existing Twitter Account

eBay is an amazing place to buy existing Twitter accounts. Purchasing an existing account can provide you thousands of followers instantly. You can also strike a bargain with someone who has lots of followers but, does not actually need a large follower base.

Use Tweet Buttons

You can also make use of Twitter’s official tweet button. Using this utility is advisable if you are running a WordPress blog. It can help in drawing many potential followers to your Twitter profile.

Create Blogs

You can create blogs or write articles on an interesting topic and place a link to your Twitter profile in the resource box. Submit these blogs and articles on BlogSpot’s or websites such as Hubpages, EzineArticles etc. Also, ensure that you mention your Twitter name, when commenting or replying to other people’s blogs.

Enhance Twitter Background

Most people still make use of the web version of Twitter, which implies they would be seeing your profile background while visiting your profile. Therefore, if you dedicate some time to make a custom Twitter background, visitors will notice and it you may get more follows. Also, ensure that you upload a photo on your Twitter profile because most people generally follow others only if they have a profile picture.

Make It a Habit to Follow

Follow as many people as you can. If you follow 500 people per day, there are chances that around 300 will follow you back.

Tweet Often

The more time you spend tweeting, the better chance you will have of your tweets being seen by people who are not following you yet. Also, reply to other people’s tweets because when people see that you are being receptive their tweets, they will most likely follow you. You can also participate in #FollowFriday to improve your opportunities of getting more followers.

Use Hash Tags

Hash tags can assist people in finding your tweets via Twitter search and popular topics and as stated above, if more people sees your tweets, the followers you will get.

Ask Followers to Retweet

You can also request your followers to retweet your good and informative tweets. Every retweet can lead to more followers depending upon the number of followers the person who retweets has. Additionally, people usually like seeing and sharing cool pictures. Therefore, if you tweet some appealing pictures and they are retweeted, you most certainly will get more followers.

Overall, there are several creative ways to boost your Twitter presence, apart from these 10 fast ways to get more Twitter followers. Just remember that you don’t spam others since that would hamper your chances of getting more followers. Consider this, the more value you offer, the more you can achieve out of social networks.