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Wireless routers under $100: The best choice for your home internet


Wireless at home can be a huge advantage especially if everyone in your family likes to work online at the same time. Even if you own a small business, a good Wi-Fi connection becomes imperative. But a good internet connection is one that will give you optimum use even when tons of people are working on the wireless.

A worthwhile router is a whole different ball game. The popular perception is that routers that are truly of great quality are expensive, but that need not be true. Great routers can be found for less than a $100. That is definitely the price range you ought to keep in mind for a great, sustainable router that you won’t have to change every few months and something that will not burn a hole in your pocket. Here is a brief list of different companies and their routers you ought to consider.

  • Netgear WPN824 RangeMax: This is an easy to configure wireless router that does not use an antenna. What it does instead is send the signal from its main body. It sells for about $79.99 so should be right up your alley if this is the price range you’re interested in.
  • D-Link DIR 655 Xtreme N Gigabit: In the same price range, especially if you buy from Walmart and Dell, and much cheaper if you buy from Amazon. This router which will give you many antenna ports, for multiple channels, and also has a lot more features if that is something you’re interested in, such as data prioritization for high speed maintenance, and security marks.
  • Cisco Linksys E1200: Best for home use, and very affordable at $59.99, it does video streaming and files downloading with great efficiency. Probably best for your everyday affair but not a great idea if you’re running a small business and need faster needs and more content downloading.
  • Linksys E3000- RM: This is one of the oldies but the goodies. Priced at $59.99 again like the previous one, it will promise to give you consistency beyond all else, and will probably be available everywhere in your home, unless you live in a 45 acre home, in which case you should not be looking at the under $100 list to begin with. This offers great speeds which makes it most compatible to be used with several computers together.

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