Who is the real winner in the epic war – Samsung Note Vs Apple iPad?

Those who own tablets know of the features and the importance of owning one. It has become a device of convenience as it is portable and you have all your important applications, emails, social networking and also games literally at your fingertips. They have become the first item in the house that people carefully pack and take with them anywhere they go. And the most talked about of the tablets are the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the iPad.

Both are regarded as top-of-the-line from the remaining tablets in the market. But when it comes to buying a tablet, a lot of potential buyers face a dilemma and tend to procrastinate for a long time as there is always someone promoting either of them making it a Catch-22 situation of sorts. So the question is, really which one is better of the two?


You don’t have to be a gadget or a gizmo freak to own a tablet. Age is no bar in owning one and both Samsung and the iPad have endless amount of applications that cater to every age of people, gender and community. The difference is Android vs iOS really. Both OS’s are pretty smooth and simple, having the Android more fun and customizable and the iOS very user friendly and a great supporter of applications.

Those who have used and are similar with both can tell which is better. For a new comer choosing either will have their own access to applications and operating systems and in no time you will get used to the device you eventually bought. I would rate this as a tie as they are both brilliant in their wonderful world of applications.

As for the looks of the tablets, both the iPad and the Samsung is top notch in design and beauty and both are quite a looker. The Samsung however is nearly a 100g lighter and slightly slimmer and this factor can make the tablet enter in ones pros list.

As for the display, the new iPad wins hands down as the resolution is higher making the pictures crispy sharp and perfect. We will just have to give Samsung sometime to launch its next model version with this factor in mind.

Storage in both the tablets is worth thinking about. The cost price is different for both Samsung and iPad. A 32GB version of the Samsung tablet is much cheaper than the 32GB iPad and you can also add a microSD card as well making it a smarter buy.

Battery life for both the tablets is solely up to usage as though the tablets claim to last up to 10 hours. They do not with constant video viewing and HD streaming.

So when making the choice, the Samsung galaxy Note is known for it being a smarter buy and is cheaper and has its own charm. The iPad is the father of all tablets. It is this tablet that has inspired others and has a luxury status labelled with it. I personally don’t think anyone will ever win this battle, not with both being equally popular and a preferable choice of millions.


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