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What is Hybrid cloud computing and what are the advantages over private and public clouds


Before we get to the concept of Hybrid Cloud Computing, let us first understand the plain and simple cloud computing. For those of us who don’t carry masters in computer technology, the word ‘cloud’ may sound out of place. Cloud Computing is when your personal computer and mobile devices work together in perfect harmony, giving you the ability to access personal information any time you want. From your contacts to video collections, documents to photos transferred, music, address book, etc. Your data in the cloud is transferable and accessible. You, of course, have the choice of deciding what information you want in the public domain and what in your personal domain.

If this sounds like a page out of a science fiction novel; wait there is more to cloud computing. Now let us answer the question of Hybrid Cloud Computing. Public clouds are where a service provider makes applications and storage facilities which can be used by the general public for free or on a pay-per-use basis. On the other hand a private cloud is managed by an individual or by an organization.

Hybrid clouds are an integration of multiple clouds, either private or public, that are separate entities bound together by a technology that allows for data transfer and application portability. They are customized solutions to meet the needs of a client.  A hybrid cloud has to have a minimum of one private and one public cloud. For example, an organization that has huge amounts of information both sensitive and otherwise can choose the advantage of hybrid cloud computing. This way the organization can use the service of a public cloud for storing its archived data and its private cloud for storing sensitive data. It can thus save losing precious in-house resources and help you take advantage of cost-effectiveness and scalability.

Although, in a private cloud you have the advantage of a secure and controlled environment, the issue of scalability remains unanswered. The resources in a private cloud are finite and exhaustible. But in public clouds, there are virtually infinite resources and scalability is not an issue. But, it is complicated to design the essential features of security. Security is crucial in Hybrid clouds too as they work on multiple platforms. Hybrid clouds may easily be termed as the best of both worlds. You get to enjoy the safety a private cloud offers and the storage options that a public cloud provides.



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