Home Technology Ubiquisys and Intel Join Forces.

Ubiquisys and Intel Join Forces.


“Ubiquisys – a developer of femtocells and small cellular base stations – has teamed up with Intel to develop small LTE base stations that will incorporate Intel chips to provide processing power for user applications and services.

As demand for mobile data increases, network operators are increasingly using small base stations to provide the depth of coverage and capacity needed in high traffic locations. According to Ubiquisys, equipping these base stations with significant processing power and storage beyond what is needed for the network functions will create a distributed pool of computing resources that mobile operators can use to serve content and applications from points much closer to end users.

Ubiquisys CEO, Chris Gilbert, said: “This is the future of small cells – not just miniature base stations but powerful computing platforms bringing the IP cloud as close as possible to mobile users and machines.”
In a blog posting on the announcement, Ubiquisys’ Keith Day gave examples of applications that could be hosted on the devices, supported by Intel’s developer ecosystem.”

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