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Top 5 Free Android Weather Apps to Keep to Updated about Weather Around


There are many weather applications available for the Android platform – most of them are free and available for download in the Android market. This gives users the opportunity to choose from hundreds of applications which have different features, however, it might be hard to find the good applications among all the buggy and slow apps. Here are 5 of the best Android weather applications.

1- Weathers

Weather – the application is as simple as the name. It is developed by Michael Bachman and is the easiest to set-up and simplest weather application available. So don’t let it go and capture it for your android to get weather updates in a simple way.

2- iMap Weather

This app is a bit fancier as it provides forecasts and radar images. You can also receive detailed information about the weather conditions at various locations around the world. It features some very nice visuals, so we recommend it to those of you who want a good-looking application. It means this app not only provide you what you are looking for but present it in the best possible way.

3- Moon Phase

Just like Weather, this application developed by Udell Enterprises is also very simple. As the name suggests, the app also gives you information about the current and upcoming moon phase. You can also install additional add-ons to enhance the app’s features.

4- Snowstorm weather widget

The name of this application shows its most important function – it provides the user with detailed information about upcoming snowstorms. If you are living in a snow country, then this app is mandatory for you.

5- Radar Now!

Radar Now! is another simple application which shows the current weather conditions with the help of a radar. It is a simple and fast application which will tell you what you want to know.

So if you want to get weather updates at your finger tips then don’t forget to have these wonderful apps for your android to get maximum fun out of pleasant weather around you.

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