Tata releases InstaCompute

Tata Communications the India based international telecommunications and Internet services provider released InstaCompute this month, their IaaS based cloud offering.

Tata claims InstaCompute is a rapidly deployable virtual server spin-up, spin-down service based on a per hour billing model. Per the release, customer’s will be billed per hour, with rates for 1 core instance 1 GB RAM & 20 GB storage space costing about $ 0.055/ Hr and $2.49 for an instance of 8 Cores, 40 GB RAM and 20 GB storage. InstaCompute will provide free in-bound data transfer, $0.170/ GB for outbound data transfer and $0.15/GB for additional storage.

InstaCompute offers a number of flexible technical features for configuring and deploying a custom IaaS, including:
• Multiple server options, up to 8-core CPUs and 40 GB of RAM
• Choice of pre-configured server templates and operating systems, or the ability to upload a custom OS
• Firewalls and network isolation to keep resources secure
• Guaranteed service availability through an SLA that delivers 99.95% availability
• No charge MPLS VPN connectivity available on request to Tata Communications’ MPLS customers.

Tata says they are delivering InstaCompute via their own data centers adhering to industry best practices and standards such as ISO 20000, 27001, SAS 70 Type 2, and TIA 942.

Tatas’ international reach and experience, will attract the attention of a much broader audience outside the US and EU, though the business model is very similar to what you see with smaller niche cloud services in those markets now. Similar to Intel and HP, Tata has taken pieces of its’ existing services portfolio and internal ops and rolled them under InstaCompute. These companies understood early that they did not have to re-invent the wheel, spending additional time and capital to roll out a service that still depends largely on existing infrastructure.

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