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Samsung Galaxy – Unlocking Without Code Is Possible Now


Samsung always come up with great cell phones. However, it is difficult to unlock them. With the advancement of technology we get new ways to facilitate things for us in daily life. Same is the case with Samsung phone unlocking. Yes Samsung Galaxy S and other variants can easily be unlocked now.


There is no need to enter any kind of code. However you need to keep one thin in mind that this feature is useful for the SIM locked phones. It means that you cannot use this feature for CDMA phones. A member of XDA develops platform has released this application in recent times. The process is very simple and every one using smartphone can follow it to break the limitations put by the manufacturer to bind the user to their platform only. Unlocked phones can be used with particular carrier not with all available to maximize its functionality.


1. Start the Galaxy S Unlock application on your hand set.


2. If this application doesn’t work, you have to create a backup to save your important data. It is just one click job. Use ‘Save actual Efs Folder’ option and your data will be saved.


3. If your phone was an Android 2.1, first step will be enough for you. If your phone was originally Android 2.2 you have for second step. If you phone was originally 2.1 but you upgraded it to 2.2, even than you will go for the first step. This is very important to understand as rest of the procedure depends on this.


4. Now you have to connect to the internet and download the unlocking files. After downloading, your phone will be unlocked and now you have to reboot your phone. If any directions appear on your screen, just follow them to complete the process.


5. After reboot, open the Galaxy S Unlock application again. Now you have to go for the 3rd step again. Creating back files will create this process. Now your phone in unlock and you can exit this application.


If this application does not work, you can go back to the original settings by using EFs folder. Open the application and click “Restore saved EFs folder”. Your phone will be back to the original state.


So after reading this useful post about unlocking Samsung phone without a code what are you waiting for? Don’t you want to jailbreak your smartphone to enhance the fun with your gadget? You must do! So just use an unlocking online service for this purpose and get what you want! With an unlocking service you will find step by step guide to unlock your phone in few minutes. So don’t hesitate and don’t take it as a tedious task which only a geek can do. No, if you try and follow the steps you can also do it easily and successfully. If you want code for this purpose then here you can buy the code and can do it with a code as well. We know that unlocking a phone with a code is the simplest way to break the boundaries keeping you away from enjoying its usability at maximum level. 


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