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Review: Nexus 7 Is Best Android Tablet Yet


People have been used to the mainstream tablets with diagonal screen sizes larger than eight and a half inches and manufactured by the leading smart phone companies namely Apple or Samsung, thinking that tablets in this category are the best in the market. But with the advent of various tablets from different mobile phone, software, or computer manufacturing giants, people should start changing their main concerns when it comes to identifying the best tablet.

While the tablets from leading brands enjoyed an immense recognition for its amazing features, they shouldn’t be too complacent no matter how unbeatable they may feel with their popularity. People’s needs changes in a fast pace. Furthermore, other manufacturing companies learn from the leading brands’ flaws and they use that knowledge to improve the new product that they will launch.

In Nexus’ case with their new tablet called Nexus 7, we may not be sure if it was by learning from others’ mistakes or they just knew how to create tablets that will suit the needs of consumers when it comes to their ideal tablet. But they certainly created one which will be regarded as the best android tablet yet. Here are the reasons why:

Portability and comfort – One of the main considerations of getting a tablet is to have a portable and comfortable device that will allow them to do quick and basic online tasks such as receive and reply to emails, update social media status. But how can a tablet as big as 10 inches or 9 inches for its diagonal screen size become portable? Nexus certainly did a smart thing by keeping their tablet small enough with its 7 inch diagonal screen size which makes it more comfortable to carry around. And with its rubberish back cover, it also gives the user a nice and more secure grip.

Design –   As compared to the other tablets in the 7 inch screen category, the Nexus 7 has more personality with its rubberish back cover which was mentioned previously. The Nexus 7 is more solidly built.

Screen – It may not be at par with iPad’s retina display but with a pixel density of 216ppi, the user will definitely be delighted with the clarity of the screen.

Operating System – Another thing that the Nexus 7 will boast about is that, it is powered with the latest Android operating system which is the Android 4.1 (Jelly bean).

Performance – The Nexus 7 is also very least likely to experience software problems. The other 7 inch tablets in the market may be distressing their owners for their slow response and animations but the Nexus 7 surpasses them all. The performance can be comparable to the Ipad even when it comes to viewing HD movies or playing games.

Price – This is where the Nexus 7 will have an edge over the larger tablets from the popular tablet manufacturing companies. At an average price of $200 for its 8Gb storage, more people can now afford to get this amazing tablet for their own. There will also be another version with 16GB storage which will cost only $250.

Final Words

These are just among the many amazing features of the Nexus 7. But even with these features mentioned, most people will already find the Nexus 7 the best Android tablet yet. It may not have a rear camera but if the trade-off is the amazing portability, good performance and reasonable price, the Nexus will still be a great investment.


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  2. The Google Nexus 7 certainly is a great value for the money since it delivers more than the Kindle Fire does, but I wouldn’t say it is the greatest tablet out there. Jelly Bean is new and has few apps that work with it yet, and my Galaxy Tab 10.1 is more versatile with just about everything. The only problem is that my Galaxy is too big to fit in my pocket, therefore, difficult to put down and not worry. With a 7-inch model, I would watch more live TV with my Dish Remote Access and Sling Adapter my Dish coworker gave me. I love using the app because I watch more TV than just at home when I watch on the go and I like getting more out of my Dish service.


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