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Smart way to make a creative contact form in HTML

There is a big challenge when the coding has an HTML contact form and it can be choosing a reliable backend language. There you can have different options and it can cover today by including a couple of tutorials.


You can take requests from any page with a properly structured form and deliver the crisp email in a jiffy. An input with the name subject can contain the message with the subject. So emails can suggest can creating a hidden input   with the value. It can allow the user to select a subject from the predefined list for your choosing .so the subject can itself can be set manually added to an input text filed instead.

Steps to make the contact form in html

  • There is no matter and you have to choose to make sure the fields value attribute contains the exact text you want for the email subject line. Then finally a text area with the name message can contain the body message. All HTML as the characters can still remain so users can email you hyperlinks by writing HTML code.
  • The only other visible input is a submit button can actually send the form a data to mail this server. all the other types are hidden because they cannot require user input .it can be actual rules for how each form input would behave also called validation fields in the mail this documentation.
  • My word press can plugging can come with fully functional contact forms that can be installed and installed and used the right way. You have to believe in beautiful design and your right to style it to choose.
  • There is not much HTML in  this video  as the contact form  can be built  with code  available  in the previous  version  of HTML but you  can see the first  video  as the way to reinforce  many of the things  can be learned together in the previous tutorials .so without   any of the  further discussion.

Contact form

  • Basics of css3 styling
  • How to create an html contact form
  • How to create an elegant css3 contact form

By the end of HTML contact form, you will have something similar to the screenshot .you can feel free to view the demo after the video tutorial to get a feel of kin in under 25 minutes. It can be a good exercise for both beginners and experts alike.

Making contact form responsive and validation

You can validate the files so that you can’t receive any of the unnecessary information and that all the information can need from your contact and it can be useful. You will need to include the HTML 5 validation in your code.

You have to know about How to make a contact form in HTML work .it can make the functional can require as a few server-side programming.

It will be glad to point you in the right direction. you have to form function for your website and you will need to code it with HTML.Everyone can agree on the importance of the contact forms for use on everything from static  HTML websites to word press powered websites.

6 apps for people to find new friends

The world has turned into a global village where social networking allows us to connect with people who are thousands of miles away.


On the other hand, it has become challenging to cultivate meaningful relationships or find new friends within your geographical vicinity, as you grow older.

There are numerous reasons one might need to make new friends. Moving to a new city, drifting away from old pals due to work/family commitments, or wanting to experience the sheer excitement of mingling with new people can be some of them.

Regardless of your reasons, many exciting apps can help you find new people and forge enduring friendships.

App store is full of apps which can help you discover like-minded people who are also looking to have some fun, without the added pressure of being on a date. Following are six such amazing apps:


The area you choose to build a home in can represent who you are as a person as well as your inherent preferences. Therefore, the best people to socialize with can sometimes be your neighbors.

However, your fast-paced life might make it almost impossible to run into people from your neighborhood.

Nextdoor functions as a private social media network for people living within a community. In addition to socializing, Nextdoor can also be useful for finding a babysitter or gardener, gathering or posting information about a local event, or discovering classified ads and local recommendations.

It is also ideal for connecting with your neighbors in case you have recently moved to a new area.

Nextdoor is free to download and available for both iOS and Android users.


Meetup aims to bring together people who share common interests. It works in thousands of cities and helps you discover relevant events happening nearby.

The intuitive app provides you with up to 24 categories including, music, outdoor and adventure, food and drink, dance, beliefs, etc. You just have to select a category and the dates of availability, and the app will display exciting events based on the provided details and your location.

Moreover, you can also connect with others attending the same events through messaging and carve more opportunities to connect with new people.

Meetup is free to download and available for both iOS and Android users.

Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is an offshoot of the iconic Bumble dating app, but it helps you find friends instead of dates. You can set up a profile where you can describe yourself in a short paragraph, along with your pictures.

By mutually swiping right for each other, the app provides you with a window of 24 hours to message each other and discover a potential new friend.

Since Bumble BFF is a spin-off of an already popular app, it experienced one million swipes (the gesture helps you find your next friend) in the first week. If you already use Bumble, select New Friends when prompted to choose who you are looking for and the app will direct you to Bumble BFF.

Bumble BFF is free to download and available for both iOS and Android users, with in-app purchases ranging from $1.99 to $199.99.


Patook is an innovative app that uses a points systems and algorithms to help you connect with people with similar interests. To begin using the app, you have to create your profile and rank various traits including gender, interests, values, etc. based on your preference.

The app then shows you people who have accumulated the maximum number of points according to your rankings. You can then initiate socializing through messages.

Moreover, the app uses artificial intelligence to detect lulls in conversation and flirting, which is strictly not allowed and can ban you from using the app. You can also apply privacy settings to your profile to limit its exposure to certain people.

Patook is free to download and available for both iOS and Android users.

Hey! Vina

Hey! Vina is geared towards encouraging and empowering women to establish lasting ties with each other. It is similar to Tinder where you have the swipe right to meet new friends, but you can only use it to connect with other, like-minded, females.

You can use the app to discover women who have the same values and goals as you, to acquire a strong support system. Furthermore, the app offers interactive quizzes and insightful articles on the Vinazine.

It motivates women to surround them with the best kind of people, who can help them live a fulfilled life.

Hey! Vina is free to download and available for both iOS and Android users.

Meet New Friends

Are you looking to make new friends while on a road trip across the country, or want to chat with someone interesting while you are getting bored at home? Meet New Friends by airG is another incredible app that allows you to interact with compatible people from a pool of almost 100 million members globally.

You can browse for friends by specifying your age, location, interests, and so on. The airG spam free app allows you to flirt as well in case you want to transform your casual friendship into something more serious.


The apps mentioned above can help you discover new acquaintances and forge new bonds in a surprisingly easy way. You can cultivate enduring relationships with people who share your thoughts and interests, even with those who are living in another country.

However, regardless of how popular an app is, when using a socializing app, always tread with caution and make sure that you are interacting with the right kind of people.

Author Bio:

About Michelle Joe: Michelle Joe is a blogger by choice. She loves to discover the world around her.

She likes to share her discoveries, experiences, and express herself through her blogs. You can find her

on twitter: @michellejoe524

Steps to Structure an Effective Link Building Campaign for Your Business!

With the aid of a link building campaign, you effectively can increase the number of links to your website. The assets that are used for link building are products, services and online content about them.

Link building will bring you more links from sites of other people. These links will be directed to your website. They are often referred to as anchor links and external links.

Get the digital referrals for your brand

Links are often known as digital referrals for your website. They are like popularity votes that increase the value and the credibility of your site.

Effective-Link-Building-StrategiesMany online experts suggest that you should start a link building campaign for your business. This is the process via which you can actively start creating links for your business website.

Steps to structure a link building campaign

The following are the steps via which you can structure a link building campaign for better brand visibility of your business –

  1. Set goals- Experts say that link building is an integral part of online marketing. Like any marketing campaign, you must start with goals. It is here you should create a strategy that will help you get the desired results.Your link building goals should be intertwined with the goals of your business.

    For instance, there is no point in building ten links if those ten links do not have a positive impact on your business.You should note that when you are building links in a competitive industry, you will find that the links built will not have an impact overnight. This means when you are kick starting a link building campaign, it is prudent for you to be patient.

    Wait for the results to occur over time. Remember your link building goals should achieve your organizational goals.

  2. Find your assets- It is crucial for you to search well and find your assets for your link building campaigns. They will earn you links. The assets of your link building campaign differ from business to business.You need to identify the assets that have value for your business. However, do not buy links. This is completely against the guidelines of Google for search engine ranks.
    In case Google identifies you are buying links for your website, the penalties imposed are heavy and will incur a loss of traffic. One of the most powerful assets you build for your link building campaigns can be powerful content.

    This can be in the form of news that is high profile, satirical material, educational webcasts or podcasts and more. Experts say that even a simple blog is good for building links.
    The mission here is to create content that has been designed to give you value for your targeted audience. There is a huge mistake that most businesses do when they are building links for their companies.

    The completely focus on the product pages and other pages that they believe will convert customers. It is true that the above pages are essential to your website however they are not worthy of building links.

    Smart business owners do not wish to link to pages of your product- they want to link to valuable and interesting content that will benefit the visitor.

    When you have an effective link building policy, you can redirect the flow of inbound traffic to your website, however, ensure you have content that is compelling enough to invite link sharing.

  3. You should be eager to collaborate- Experts say that you must have a guide for real backlinks to help you. The link building campaign should be performed with the eagerness to collaborate with other marketing objectives and goals.

    The strategy should revolve around public relations, paid searches, content marketing, social media marketing and more. Experts say that both content marketing and link building have a relationship that is symbiotic.
    This means that content not only drives links, but it tends to enhance the total visibility of your website.

    Whether it is in-house or out-house search engine optimization, you need to bank on your marketing team to be effective, and for this, you need a clear and defined path of how integration will help you to succeed.

SEO experts say that if you wish to get brand visibility and targeted traffic for your business, you should ensure that you focus on real link building for your business needs.

This will largely help you to get the attention you require for attracting a targeted audience for your brand. Link building improves the trust and credibility of your business.

If you wish to retain your existing customers and attract potential customers, it is crucial for you to opt for link building strategies for your company. In this way, you efficiently can convert leads better and increase returns on investment for your company as well.

Author Bio: Derek Iwasiuk is an SEO expert that provides small to large scale businesses with strategies for the better brand presence and inbound targeted traffic. He says all businesses should have a guide for real backlinks to improve their business in the competitive market.

Best apps for your 10-year-old to learn and pass spare time

The leading app stores of both – Apple and Google contain thousands of apps that are developed specifically for children.

From games and puzzles to improving literacy and math – the parents of the new generation are often spoiled for choices, especially with more apps appearing each month.

In fact, a recent survey reveals that 43% of parents agree to need help in finding suitable apps for their children.

Moreover, parents are also wary of the internet activity of their children and cautious of them using inappropriate or spam apps. Such misuse, of the internet and mobile apps, is prevalent in children who are in their pre-teen years.

Besides knowing that the parents have kept an eye on their time limits, it is also critical for them to understand their parents’ expectations regarding respectable and responsible online behavior.

In light of this, we have put together a list of apps that are both – educational and fun.

These apps listed in no particular order are ideal for 10-year-old children and will ensure that they get the most out of their screen time and you get the peace of mind you deserve.

1. Marble Math

Marble math is a fun, educational game for older-elementary kids. The game allows children to select their level and preferred playing module.

Parents and children can also customize mathematical skills that they wish to reinforce such as division, fractions, or decimals.

The aim of the app is to move the game piece (marble) around the maze and avoid obstacles by answering as many questions as possible.

According to the previous users, the game is very addicting, and most children become so engrossed that they forget that they are polishing their mathematical skills from the game.

Price: $2.99

Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone, kindle fire, Fire touc

2. Project Noah

Children of today have a completely different lifestyle than that of their parents and grandparents. Often parents also complain that their child spends more time indoors with their electronic devices than outside as they used to do in their time.

The app Project Noah is ideal for those parents who worry about their children staying indoors more.

The primary objective of Project Noah is to send the children out in the open and share pictures of the wildlife they see. If the children are aware of the name and other information of the species, they can also include them in the photos.

If not, then other users are always willing to help out.

Since the app is open to global users, the app is a great way to build knowledge regarding wildlife and plants from different parts of the world.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android

3. Monkey stick crossing

Monkey stick crossing is a game that is strictly developed for entertainment purpose. The game aims to guide monkeys from tree to tree by growing sticks of the correct length. \

However, if the rod is too long or too short, the monkeys can fall resulting in negative scoring.

The game is easy to play, and the tutorial included in the app does a great job of explaining the controls to the young children. Luckily, the game is free to download.

However, in-app purchases are available that will enable the game players to unlock new monkeys and improve their score. The players can also share their rankings with their friends through social media and invite them to play along as well.

Price: Free

Platform: iPhone, iPad, Android

4. Big Barn World

The Big Barn World by AirG is another game that is solely created for entertainment purpose. As per the title, the game focuses on the user’s ability to take care of a virtual farm.

The users can name their farm, grow crops, and adopt different farm animals.

Moreover, the game gives the pre-teens a chance to get a taste of social media. Yes, you can socialize with anyone who is playing this game and exchange pets, crops, and even show off your thriving farm.

The reviews of the Big Barn World also suggest that the AirG spam less game is ideal for young children. Not only will the children remain occupied for some while but also learn a few farming skills in-between.

Price: Free

Platform: Android and Apple

5. Vocabulary spelling city

Many kids have trouble with spelling and vocabulary. Making learning spelling and sharpening vocabulary fun can enhance children’s learning experience and enable them to increase their knowledge.

The app Vocabulary Spelling City encourages the children to learn new words through different games like Word Scramble and Hang the mouse.

The parents can also upload a customized spelling list on the app’s website allowing the children to learn the specific vocabulary instead of the app’s popular one.

The game is ideal for children above the age of six while both free and paid versions are available.

Price: Free for the basic version

Platform: Android, iPad, iPhone

Bonus app – Checky

Just as you would limit sugar for your children, it is essential that designated time be assigned for the use of technology.

Since it might be challenging to childproof the smartphone of your pre-teen, consider installing apps such as Checky to keep track of their mobile usage.

The users can also compare their mobile interaction with friends and family members along with setting milestones.

The Checky app is free to download on both the platforms – Android and Apple App Store.

Final thoughts

The children of today live in an increasingly digital world, and it is impossible to eradicate screen time for any of them, regardless of their age.

On the contrary, parents also agree to the importance of technology and claim that mobile apps certainly aid in enhancing their children’s reading and mathematical skills.

However, to avoid the inappropriate use and foster their learning, make use of the apps listed above. Good luck!

About the Author:

Alma Causey is a Freelance writer by day and sports fan by night. She writes about tech education and health related issues. Live simply, give generously, watch football and a technology lover.

How to protect yourself from Mobile spam and unsolicited Emails in 2018

With the incessant use of the internet, avoidance of spam can be very difficult as it increases the need for screening performed on smartphones or PCs.

Eliminating spam is a difficult task which makes people unsafe and unsatisfied to use email or text messaging. Spam is an online disturbance haunting the minds of most people.

While selecting a compatible means of using the internet, a few things should be considered to make it easier for better communication without spam.

The use of specific email methods such as the local program or cloud-based services used to access online servers and send email, enact as a client and cause the spread of spam message.

The email client also filters spam. It moves unwanted messages to a different folder and makes your emailing safer. Despite the uncertainty, a reduction of unsolicited email is possible after sifting through various methods to avoid spam emails coming your way.

It is a redirection of required emails and allows only specific ones to reach your phone.
Some required messages called false positives remain in the spam folder, showing the use of certain mailing browsers when protecting spam.

After noticing spam in your mail folder, never delete it immediately. It chooses a particular email, sends it back to the sender and tells him it has been marked as spam, also informing him.

How you report, spam is dependent on its nature. If it is a Google website, you can hit on report spam and complain immediately. The toolbar has this button on the top even when using Google mail to make it simpler to remove.

The icon looks like an exclamation inside a box which represents spam mail.
Also, information related to false positives is provided to see if the mail can be received on it.

Every day you go through your spam folder and confirm unwanted mail to eliminate the ones you are concerned about.

Once an email is selected, you can tell the client what kind it is and report it as spam for further action. Mobile spammers have driven away from mobile hacking through developed apps, tracing the source of unwanted messages or emails.

Also, call tracers are related to these tools making it a good experience to run on mobiles. A secure way to email is through authenticated apps to stay safe from hackers.

Although new programs such as those by Google like “play protect,” stop hackers and spammers from reaching users. On the other hand, developers should focus on security and keep up with the trend of mobile development to stay secured and up-to-date.

Therefore, mobile development is an integral part of smartphone use.

How to Stop Spam Before You Kill Your Phone

If you do not like receiving spam, and you decide to dispose of your phone after a few years of use, you can choose to report to your Phone Company or network.

Making use of a separate SIM is a choice you can make to block unwanted spam traffic to your phone.

Eliminating Spam calls protects you and your family to practice safe operation with phone calls. The certainty with successful results is always there when elimination of spam is made as a free choice, making use of specific blocking tools to stop calls from reaching you.

Beefing up marketing and sales promotion are activities which involve sending spam email and text messages. Every company has spam controls, like telephone services to call or use necessary broadband internet for most users.

Ways to Stop Spam from Invading Your Email

One drawback of receiving spam is an invasion of privacy and to avoid that you can make a report that controls the influx of people who indulged in marketing and public communication.

The best reason to get rid of spam is with regular reporting of unwanted items as elements to be stopped as soon as they were discovered.

How to Block Spam Emails on Your Phone

The other way to control incoming spam messages is with use of caller ids such as True Caller which show you the source of every message and call. This software or App controls incoming calls through a call protecting the process.

If the caller ID recognizes unauthentic calls, then a message is shown as you receive your request to control it.

Here Is Why You Get Spam on Your Phone

Once you decide that you do not want to receive a call, you send it to spam and block the unwanted number. Another approach would be to send it to voicemail after the first time.

Similarly, several interrupting users can be prevented if they disrupt your privacy.

[Tutorial] Convert MOD videos into MP4 easily with Movavi Video Converter

Have you got a bunch of MOD videos that you captured recently with your latest digital camcorder? That’s great and now you must be looking to share them with your friends over chat apps?

However, there is a catch. MOD files play like a breeze on laptops or PCs yet it won’t be so cool when you wish to play them on mobile devices. Now, that you are planning to share it over chat apps, you have to convert MOD to MP4 format.

As we all know, MP4 is a widely accepted format and is easily accepted by mobile devices. But, how to convert your MOD videos?

Well, Leading software developer Movavi has launched an advanced video converter that will help you with the whole conversion process.

Here is how you can edit and convert MOD videos into MP4 file format with Movavi Video Converter.

Download & install

You will start by downloading and installing the Movavi Video Converter in your system.

Add your video

Click on Add Media and then click on Add Video. Now, click on Open and the video will be added to the Movavi program window.

Edit your video

Yes, Movavi Video Converter enables you to edit and customize your video as well before you convert it into your desired format.

You will find a tab called “Edit” on the Movavi program window. Click on that and a whole set of editing options will come up.

For example, you have the stabilization tab to stabilize shaky clips while the Audio tab will allow you to adjust the volume of the sound in your video. You will also find a tab called “Adjustments”  that will enable you to play with video display effects.

Moreover, the Movavi program allows users to insert text in the video in the form of watermarks and subtitles.

Then, you can always trim out unwanted parts, crop out the edges and rotate clip footage of your video with Movavi Video Converter.

Choose output format

Go to Video located in lower section of program window & click on it. it will allow you to choose the desired output format.

But when you want to convert the video for a mobile device, click on Devices & select the desired ready-made preset from the list.

Convert the video

Click on Folder icon to specify the destination folder of your converted video file. Now, simply click on Convert tab to start the process of conversion.

Features of Movavi Video Converter

  • Supports more than 180 media formats and over 200 mobile-friendly presets
  • Works with video, audio, DVD and images
  • Superfast conversion with no compromise on quality
  • Editing functions available

Useful tips:

If your file is too large, it may create issues while playing on mobile phones. So, it’s better to compress the video with the Movavi program.

After you are done with the editing, click on size value of the video in description section. Then, enter the specific values for bitrate, size and quality. Finally click on Apply to compress the video.

[UPDATED] Instagramization -How it changed social media communication

Whenever you take pictures using your android phone or iPhone cameras, you can make your shots look better and even “artsy” looking by having them go through an app called Instagram.

This is a template tech process currently in vogue among smartphone cam users. Users who love to take such pics and use the app usually post their Instagram processed photos on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, StumbleUpon or Flickr.


There are many other such sites on the web for sure and you can bet that a whole lot of Instagramization happens all the time.

Smartphone cam photography is the offshoot of this mobile device feature. The mania has spread all over the world helped along by social media’s overwhelming capability to deliver photographic info at a rapid viral rate.

You may find out about how much this kind of photography has captured the attention of professional photographers. Google it up and be surprised. It has become a genre by itself with hundreds of publications devoted to the topic.

Not a lot of such photography, however, involves the Instagram app in their development.

Nevertheless, it still makes significant the fact that with the Instagramization of photography, the lines blur further between what is photography and what isn’t.

Dummy level

Instagram photography, if it can be called as such, exposes the tendency for high-tech to democratize talent and skill among users and the genuine practitioners of photography. There may be no real evidence to emphasize this at present.

By employing such technological template process on visual images, however, it becomes imbued with the ingredient of genuine talent and skill — brought down to the “dummy” level. There are a number of reasons why this belief may be justified like the following:

No genuine artistic skill required:

  •  Anyone can take pictures using their smartphone cams and process them using Instagram filters and presto! Artsy looking pics for social media posting!
  • The basic elements of photography and post-process are taken out of the equation. Visual control of the subject is arbitrary and oftentimes non-existent.
  • Most smartphone photography is made up of spur-of-the-moment snapshots by amateurs more than those done by professional photographers experimenting with new tech.

No real tech savvy required:

  • For those who tackle photography exclusively from the technical sense via gear and tech gadgets and their efficient operation, smartphone cams do not really pass off as the perfect technology to do so.
  • It has limited capabilities as an image capture tool.

Creativity by multiple choice:

  • You choose what filters to use and that’s it. It’s the triumph of style over substance. No creative thinking required. No application of basic rules and elements required.
  • No “darkroom” techniques and Photoshop or Lightbox proficiency required, likewise.

Encourages tolerance of the manufactured image:

  • This is the automatic offshoot of anything coming out from template tech. Everything will look nice but everything will look the same in the long run.

No more ugly pics

What Instagram photography offers are benefits you will not find in practical or professional photography with an instantaneous level of delivery. First of all, incidences of ugly pictures will become less and less or totally non-existent.

The appreciation level of users can only increase. The same is true with the interactive entertainment value it will be providing users with that will tend to increase as use becomes more pervasive.

Instagram photography has yet to prove itself against the test of time. By any analysis using the premise of mobile device technology, it is likely to be prone to quick irrelevance once new improvements in tech, phone system and app development take place.

So let’s all just play it cool and see what happens next.

Tutorial: Run Windows 10 Pro under 1GB RAM (843MB used) without lags!

Windows 10 uses a lot of RAM. No matter how much RAM you add, you still end up looking at RAM usage even in idle stage. The reason is lots of unnecessary services that run in the background.

Disclaimer: This guide is made for people who need to reduce RAM consumption in Windows 10 without expanding their RAM. Not everyone can buy extra RAM for their laptops and not everyone likes Linux to get some things done.


Windows 10 LTSB is the least bloated one but it’s not for everyone. Windows 10 Pro uses most RAM in consumer editions. I have a legitimate Windows 10 Pro license which I didn’t want to waste. I was excited like everyone thinking Microsoft really built Windows 10 from the ground up. Turns out its just another shell experience with additional features.

This heavy usage also affects your battery if you use a laptop. I couldn’t even pay mid range games due to fear of overheating and damaging my battery.

After searching on forums about Windows LTSB and other versions, I came to know that the extra bloatware that Microsoft adds in Pro version is the result of that RAM consumption. LTSB doesn’t have any bloatware but its release cycle is very slow. The last version was in 2016 and the next will be somewhere in 2018 or maybe 2019.

Windows 10 LTSB is not for everyone!

My solution was not to go to LTSB. I was not interested in pirated versions as I will waste my Windows 10 Pro License. So, I decided that instead of using LTSB or any other versions I’ll just modify the Official Windows 10 Pro to my liking.

Then after 4 different customization experiments, I was able to get my Windows 10 Pro run under 850MB (843 exactly). Here’s the proof:

Note: The image above is from a fresh installation without any Antivirus suite (I even removed Windows Defender). After installing software like Antivirus, Browsers, Office etc your RAM consumption will definitely increase.

So how do we achieve this RAM usage?

I made all the customization to an official Windows 10 Pro ISO. I got a Windows 10 Pro International version ISO and used it as the base image.

My laptop is Intel Core i5 4210 (x64) and installed RAM is 4GB.

NOTE: This tutorial is meant for a clean installation and not for upgrading (or) formatting just your C drive. If you need privacy and speed, you need to clean up the default mess and install fresh.

Also it is not a good idea to run Windows 10 on 512MB RAM. (You are better off with Windows 7 Lite editions for 512 MB rams)

If you want to save time then directly use the modified version that I have made.

You can download the ISO here (Note: No software added):


The final ISO size I got was 3.6 GB. Its has Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit with Edge and Microsoft Store, that’s it. No metro apps and no cortana, blah blah etc.

Windows 10 Privacy Edition

[ It contains only Windows 10 Home/Pro – x64 versions (Redstone 3 – 1709)]

In case you have downloaded the above ready-made ISO file, then you can directly proceed to step 3.

Want to do this on your own? Here’s how you should move forward. Follow these steps and you must be using a clean Windows 10 Home/Pro ISO:

1. Download your ISO:

First get your official ISO from the WindowsISO website. Just Google it. I am not posting the URL here since it may be against Microsoft terms of service.

Select your version of Windows and architecture etc then get the ISO. It would be around 4.8 GB for English International Redstone 3 (1709).

Note that these ISO’s contain all the editions like Home, Pro, Education etc. You can remove them later.

2. Customizing the ISO and removing bloatware, telemetry etc (The tough part!):

In order to remove the unnecessary items from your Windows 10 installation, you need a tool that would edit the ISO. You need to extract it and recompile an ISO after customization. There’s a beautiful tool for this purpose called MSMG Toolkit.

An awesome developer of MYDigitaLife, MSMG has created this tool a long time back. This is updated for every new release of Windows. So, it works perfectly with any version that you choose.

You can trust this tool and developer! We just need to follow the instructions by him carefully and everything will work as intended.

Here are the instructions given from the developer himself:

[A] – Select the Source Images using [Source->Select Source from Source <DVD> Folder] menu.

    – <Optional> If also required to Service Source Boot/Recovery Images then Choose Yes when asked to mount.

      Note: The Toolkit requires a Windows Installation Image to be in a .wim format for servicing.

[B] – <Optional> Integrate the Windows Language Packs (Language Packs + Language Features Packs + Winpe Language Packs) using [Integrate->Windows Language Packs] menu.

      Note: You need to download the Windows Language Packs for MSMG ToolKit which contains the required files (win-lp+lfp+winpe-lp).

      Copy the Windows Language Pack files to <Packs\LangPacks\w10\<Architecture>\<LanguageCode>> E.g: <Packs\LangPacks\w10\x64\en-GB>.

      Windows Language Packs for MSMG ToolKit is uploaded only on request basis due to low upload speed here.

[C] – <Optional> Integrate the Windows Drivers using [Integrate->Windows Drivers] menu.

      Note: Copy the Driver files/folder to <Drivers\w10\<Architecture>> folder.

[D] – Integrate all required Windows Features (Except Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5) using [Integrate->Windows Features] menu.

      Note: Some Packs for MSMG ToolKit are not included within the ToolKit Archive due to it’s size and instead they are provided as separately.

      You need to download the required packs and extract them to the Packs folder as specified below.


      Dart_W10.7z (Extract the folder DaRT inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\DaRT\w10).

      Games.7z (Extract the folder Games inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\Games).

      MediaFeaturePack_W10.7z (Extract the folder MediaFeaturePack inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\MediaFeaturePack).

      NetFX35_W10_TH2.7z (Extract the folder NetFX35 inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\NetFX35).

      NetFX35_W10_RS1.7z (Extract the folder NetFX35 inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\NetFX35).

      NetFX35_W10_RS2.7z (Extract the folder NetFX35 inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\NetFX35).

      NetFX35_W10_RS3.7z (Extract the folder NetFX35 inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\NetFX35).

      NetFX471_W10.7z (Extract the folder NetFX471 inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\NetFX471).

      RSAT_W10.7z (Extract the folder RSAT inside the Archive to Packs folder, so that it should be like <Packs\RSAT).

[E] – Integrate Windows Updates/WHD Update Pack using [Integrate->Windows Updates->Windows Updates/WHD Update Packs] menu.

       The ToolKit supports updates either in .msu/.cab format.

       For Windows Updates Integration you need to copy the updates to <Updates\w10\<Architecture>> folder (E.g <Packs\Updates\w10\x64>).

      For WHD Update Pack Integration you need copy the WHD Updates Packs files for Windows 10 <Packs\WHD\w10\<Architecture> folder according to the category.

       Copy Windows Cumulative Update file to <Packs\WHD\w10\<Architecture>\Cumulative> folder (E.g <Packs\WHD\w10\x64\Cumulative>).

      Copy Windows Dynamic Update files to <Packs\WHD\w10\<Architecture>\Dynamic> folder (E.g <Packs\WHD\w10\x64\Dynamic>).

      Copy Windows FlashPlayer Update file to <Packs\WHD\w10\<Architecture>\FlashPlayer> folder (E.g <Packs\WHD\w10\x64\FlashPlayer>).

      Copy Windows ServicingStack Update file to <Packs\WHD\w10\<Architecture>\ServicingStack> folder (E.g <Packs\WHD\w10\x64\ServicingStack>).

      Copy Windows SetupMedia Update files to <Packs\WHD\w10\<Architecture>\SetupMedia> folder (E.g <Packs\WHD\w10\x64\SetupMedia>).

      Copy Windows WinPE Update files to <Packs\WHD\w10\<Architecture>\WinPE> folder (E.g <Packs\WHD\w10\x64\WinPE>).

[F] – Integrate Windows Setup Media Updates using [Integrate->Windows Updates->Windows Setup Media Updates] menu.

[G] – Integrate all required Windows Custom Features using [Integrate->Windows Custom Features] menu.

[H] – Remove all required Microsoft Default Metro Apps using [Remove->Remove Default Metro Apps] menu.

[I] – Remove all required Windows Components using [Remove->Remove Windows Components] menu.

[J] – Remove all required Advanced Windows Components using [Remove->Remove Windows Components->Remove Advanced Windows Components] menu.

       Note: If Windows 10 Redstone 3 Removes Windows Defender, Windows People Experience Host and Windows SmartScreen Components at last.

[K] – <Optional> Customize the Image using [Customize] menu.

[L] – Cleanup the Source Image using [Apply->Cleanup Source Images] menu.

[M] – Integrate Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Feature using [Integrate->Windows Features->Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5) menu.

      Note: You may have to re-integrate Windows 10 Cumulative Update again to update Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Components or You can skip this and the Windows Update will offer a 50 MB update to update Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Components.

[N] – Apply & Save Changes to Source Images using [Apply->Apply & Save Changes to Source Images] menu.

[O] – Re-Build Source Images using [Apply->Re-Build Source Images] menu.

Once this is done, your ISO is complete and ready to install.

Below is a video with above instructions from another developer Phoenix. He took the time to explain every step in this video. Thanks Phoenix!

I have removed almost all of the bloatware from my Windows 10 Pro with this process.

I removed Telemetry, Cortana, Defender, OneDrive and some more apps that are not removed in the above video. The level of tracking has gone beyond insane these days. Like many online sites pointed out, Windows 10 is definitely a privacy nightmare!

3. Install Windows using the Windows USB/DVD or Rufus tool:

Microsoft USB/DVD tool is official from Microsoft but I personally like Rufus. Its faster, easy to download and also supports other distros ????

Everything here is self-explanatory, so I am not digging into details. Just pick your software, plug in your USB and make a Windows 10 USB Installation Disk.

Once this is done, install Windows 10 from USB. Remember, you should do a clean install!

At this point you’ll have a working clean installation of Windows 10 Pro (or) Home without any extra bloatware. But we can further speed up Windows 10 with tweaks.

4. Tweaking Windows 10 Registry Settings:

You should download this registry file below and click on it. When it asks for permission to add the values, click Yes. These tweaks will make your PC faster.

If that doesn’t work you have to manually import it. The registry is accessible by typing regedit.exe in run. Then click Import in file menu and select this file.

Registry speed up  tweak:


5. Further customization and experimenting:

First create a System Restore point if you use System Restore feature. Backup any important files.

1. Reduce Transparency Effects:

Go to display settings and click on Personalisation and then click on Colors. Uncheck Transparency effects. Transparency is always bad when it comes to performance.

Microsoft is slowly killing performance with the so called Fluent design implementation. Windows 10 is turning out like Windows Vista. Bad decision IMHO but we don’t need that fancy stuff. So just disable transparency.

2. Improve Performance by selecting Best Performance Mode:

Right click on This PC and select Properties > Advanced Settings > Advanced > Performance > Settings Button > Select Adjust for Best Performance (Keep Smooth Fonts and Show windows contents checked.)

3. Disable unnecessary start up services:

This step has to done after installing your required daily software and drivers on your PC.

Go to Services and disable Non-Microsoft services. Uncheck anything that you feel you don’t need running. For me, unchecking every Non-Microsoft service worked well!

1. Disable Startup items from Task Manager:

Open Task Manager and select Startup Items. Check their impact on boot time and disable those you feel are not required for you.

2. Disable System restore:

If you don’t use System restore like me, you can disable it. It never worked well for me anyway. I just have a recovery drive to help me reset things. It’s up to you if you want this or not.

3. Check power plans:

Make sure you adjust your power plan for performance or balanced. Do not keep it in Battery Saver. Usually the power plan for laptops is set to battery saver.

4. Use 3rd Party Tools:

There are more setting that are not easy to tweak using explorer. We need Tools like Aero Tweaker and Ultimate Tweaker that can be used for further customization. But they have to be used wisely or you’ll screw up your system.

Be careful in selecting the settings. Do not change any setting if you are unsure. Some settings that you can change are:

  • Disable Start Animations

  • Reduce waiting time to kill apps

  • Turn off Search Indexer

  • Disable Print Spooler (If you dont use a physical printer)

  • Turn off animations in Ease of access settings of Windows.

6. Disable Unnecessary Services:

We have done most of the work here. There are some little things to be taken care of on your own. These include disabling services on the computer using services.msc

Disabling services is a tricky task. You disable wrong services, you computer wont work as expected. Do this only if you are good at tweaking your PC.

Here are some common services that can be disabled safely:

  • Windows Defender Service (We removed this already)

  • Print Spooler (If you don’t have a printer)

  • Remote Registry (Disable this)

  • IP Helper (If you don’t use IPv6 connection)

  • Program Compatibility Assistant Service (Compatibility never worked for me!)

  • Security Center (If you install a good Antivirus with Firewall and Anti-Malware, there

  • won’t be any notifications)

  • Windows Search (The indexer and Windows 10 search functionalities like web search etc)

  • Secondary Logon

  • Connected User Experiences and Telemetry (We already disabled this previously. So this

  • shouldn’t be running)

  • Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel Service (If your PC is touch screen, you need to enable this)

  • Diagnostic Policy Service (Telemtery and Tracking)

  • Windows Error Reporting Service (Disable this)

  • Windows Image Acquisition (WIA) (Disable this unless you have a scanner)

  • TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper (You dont need this unless you use workgroup network)

  • Diagnostic Tracking Service (Related to Telemetry and Data Collection)

7. Reduce SVCHOST Processes in Windows 10:

Windows 10 creates lots of Svchost processes. This eats up lot of RAM. To reduce this you need to use RegEdit tool.

  • Open Windows+R (Run) and type regedit and hit enter.

  • Now navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control

  • In the right side panel look for SvcHostSplitThresholdInKB

  • By default it is at 380000. Change it according to your RAM.

  • Example:

  • 1048576 = 1GB (1024*1024)

  • For 2GB multiply it with 2 etc.

  • Double click on DWORD and change its value. Now reboot your system.

We have successfully tweaked Windows 10 Pro to work under 1GB RAM. Though it runs under 1GB RAM, its better to have another 512MB added if you can’t afford more RAM or expand RAM in your Laptop.

8. Reduce system clutter and use lightweight programs:

The more software you install and more processes you run and the more RAM Windows will consume.

Use a lightweight browser like Yandex (My Favourite) and also lightweight Antivirus programs. Defragment your system every month or so. Use CCleaner to remove leftover crap.

Got anymore tweaks to add? Please let us know in the comments below. Happy Tweaking!

Augmented Reality: How the current and future innovations in AR are transforming the world

Augmented reality (AR) promises to change how consumers of all kinds interact with the world around them. At its core, AR technology enhances the world around us to provide information, unique experiences, design visualization, and more.

Augmented Reality

Through both online applications and mobile and iOS app development, users will be able to interact with products, services, and their own environment in ways that will raise engagement, improve safety and efficiency, and create unique problem-solving capabilities.

Businesses across the spectrum are investing heavily in AR technology. In 2016, the market size for augmented reality applications topped $6 billion. In the next five years, the market is expected to soar to an astounding $215 billion.

Companies like Google, Sony, and Microsoft are investing in R&D for all kinds of industries. While the perception that gaming might be the primary application, industrial and automotive applications as well as e-commerce will far outpace that market share.

What’s Possible with Augmented Reality


Already today, we have hand-held AI medical devices that can “see” through the skin to reveal veins for insertion of IV needles, assess blockages, or provide a map of someone’s blood vessels.

Advanced surgical applications are a step away. This includes help to guide surgeons through an operation on a more precise level or a means of alerting medical staff to unforeseen issues during surgery.

Eventually, healthcare can improve in low-access care areas through sophisticated applications of artificial intelligence technology that even a paraprofessional can use.


The largest expectations for the impact of AR lie in the industrial market. Everything from aerospace to automotive AR applications can make work more efficient and safe.

Today, AI helmets exist that can monitor the workplace environment, which is particularly beneficial in manufacturing.

Work staff will be able to access information at a glance and determine if machinery is performing correctly, check the ambient environment for safety concerns, or find immediate support for work tasks in real-time fed directly to the headgear.


With AR, 3D modeling becomes instantaneous and more visual. Instead of spending budgets on physical prototypes, AR design applications can produce precise models of everything from individual objects to entire environments in a digital environment that allow designers to interact with their products.

The potential for cost-savings could be significant, potentially lowering R&D costs that can then be passed to customers and improve competitive edge.


Perhaps the most visible and daily AR applications users will see are in the retail space, both online and in person.

Customers will be able to virtually see how a clothing or shoes will fit them, reducing the high cost of online returns through better shopping choices.

In real environments, apps will direct shoppers to their specific, desired purchases or visibly highlight offers and new suggestions at the right moment of the shopping experience.

Work Environments

AR will bring the concept of gamification to the workplace in unique ways. By applying the techniques that keep players involved with games, businesses can improve their employee engagement by appealing to our competitive natures with other employees and ourselves.

Much like how rewards points work for airlines and hotels, workers might earn credits for certain tasks and rewards when these are redeemed.

Or, they can monitor their standing within a sales force in terms of sales revenue, clients, and customer satisfaction with leader boards that track progress.

Augmented Reality Will Be Everywhere

Mobile phones and tablets are already ubiquitous, and will be the primary interface for consumers of AR. The market potential for augmented reality applications and the implications of raising the competitive stakes will be huge.

With the potential for improving the shopping experience, manufacturing, and design–excluding the other wide range of applications in other sectors–Augmented Reality will transform our everyday lives not only in ways we already know to be great, but also in unexpected avenues we have yet to explore.

The 5 Most Popular Android Mobile Phones under 8000 Rupees in India

If you are looking forward to buying a good android smart phone from a popular brand in India with a budget of around Rs 8000, you need to go through the following list most popular mobile phones under 8000 rupees.

All these android smart phones listed below have balanced specifications so that you can get the perfect value for the money you spend. Select the one that satisfies your requirement parameters such better cameras, long battery life, or robust performance.

  1. Xiaomi Redmi 4

Price – Rs 6999


Specifications – The device has 5-inch IPS LCD with the HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 294 PPI. It is powered by 1.4 GHz octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 435 processor and 2GB RAM.

The internal storage is 16GB but it is expandable up to 128GB via microSD card in the hybrid slot. The rear camera is 13 MP PDAF with dual-tone LED flash while the front camera is 5 MP.

It runs on Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow based MIUI but it is upgradable to Android 7.1.2 and the battery capacity is whopping 4100mAh. It is a dual-SIM 4G smartphone and has all the sensors including a fingerprint sensor, infrared blaster, and gyroscope.

Expert Opinion – It is the most balanced smartphone with long-lasting battery life. The cameras are good and the performance is smooth. The presence of all different sensors is added benefits and you can upgrade to Android Nougat effortlessly.

The only problem could be the hybrid slot where you can have either the second SIM or a microSD. You can also save Rs 1000 if you have Rs 8000 budget and use the balance to buy high-quality accessories.

It is the bestselling smartphone on the list and hence, it is not readily available. For more options, you can see the best android mobile phones under 8000 on Review Station.

  1. Asus Zenfone Max

Price – Rs 7712

Specifications – The device has 5.5-inch LCD screen with the HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 267 PPI. It is powered by 1.2GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset and 2GB RAM.

The internal storage is 16 GB and expandable up to 64 GB via microSD. The front camera is 13 MP with dual-LED flash and the front camera is 5 MP. The battery capacity is mammoth 5000mAh and it runs on Android 7 Nougat.

It is a dual-SIM 4G smartphone and the second slot is hybrid.

Expert Opinion – There is no doubt that its battery is its selling point. The performance is good enough and the cameras are just fine. The fact is it lacks fingerprint sensor is slightly disappointing.

If Redmi 4 is not available, you can go for it as Asus is a popular and reliable brand.

  1. Samsung Galaxy J3 Pro

Price – Rs 7990 (On Offer)


Specifications – The device has 5-inch super AMOLED screen with HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 294 PPI. It is powered by 1.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 chipset and 2GB RAM.

The internal storage is 16 GB but you can expand it up to 128 GB via microSD on a dedicated slot. The rear camera is 8 MP, f/2.2 with LED flash and the front camera is 5 MP. The battery capacity is 2600mAh and it is removable.

It is a dual-SIM 4G smartphone and runs on Android 5.1 Lollipop.

Expert Opinion – The smartphone has Super AMOLED screen which is the best for any lighting condition even in sunlight. Except the fact that it runs on an outdated OS, everything else is good.

The battery is removable which makes it convenient to replace in the future. If you want to invest your money in buying a highly reliable brand’s smartphone, this is the one for you.

  1. Panasonic P55 Max

Price – Rs 7999 (On Offer)


Specifications – The device has 5.5-inch LCD screen with HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 267 PPI. It is powered by 1.3GHz MediaTek MT6737 quad-core processor and 3 GB of RAM.

The internal storage is 16 GB and it is expandable up to 128 GB via micro SD in a dedicated slot. The front camera is 13 MP with quad-LED flash and the front one is 5 MP.

The battery capacity is mammoth 5000mAh and it can be replaced easily. The device runs on Android 7.0 Nougat and is a dual-SIM 4G smartphone.

Expert Opinion – Panasonic has lost its brand value quite a lot in India but this smartphone is a true value for money. Even though it sports MediaTek processor, the performance is superb.

The rear camera is great even in low light condition thanks to its powerful LED flash. The battery life is another reason to buy the smartphone and on top of that, it runs on Android Nougat and has a bigger screen size.

  1. Infinix Hot 4 Pro

Price – Rs 6990


Specifications – The device has 5.5-inch TFT display with the HD resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 267 PPI. It is powered by 1.3 GHz MediaTek MT6737 quad-core processor.

The rear camera is 13 MP with LED flash while the front one is 5 MP. The internal storage is 16 GB and it is expandable up to 128 GB via microSD on a dedicated slot.

It runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and is a dual-SIM 4G smartphone. The battery capacity is 4000mAh.

Even though it is not a popular brand, the smartphone is selling like hot cakes. It has the lowest price point among all the smartphones on the list and the specifications are stellar.

The battery life is great, the cameras are fine, the performance is robust and on top of all these, you get a fingerprint sensor. Even though the OS is outdated, it is at least better than Galaxy J3 Pro.

You can invest your saved money in buying covers, a glass protector, and a high-quality headphone.

These are the best and most popular mobile phones under 8000 Rupees in India. Apart from these, you can also have a look at Moto C Plus and Lenovo Vibe K5 and make a final decision based on which smartphone fulfills all your requirements.

Do you have any particular mobiles in mind to add to this list ? Let us know in the comments below!