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New MacBook Pro To Feature Retina Display


Since the dawn of computers, people have turned to these devices for different purposes whether for business, work or personal reasons. While people are becoming adept in this technology, they have started to increase their demands and preferences.

Computer technology experts and manufacturers have taken these as a challenge in improving their products. Furthermore, companies have continued to make the most out of their creative minds to come up with new computer models having new and amazing features that will take computer enthusiasts by the storm.

And in the case of the new MacBook Pro which is already deemed as the cutting edge in laptops, it is even preparing to wow the market with the splendid retina display and other features.

Mac Book Pro Retina Display

Overview of the Macbook Pro

The MacBook Pro is one of the most sought after laptops with a lot of features that makes it on top of other high end laptops, carrying a quad-core processor with speed at 2.7 GHz. This device and other Apple products have high quality video which can be attributed to the Intel HD Graphics processor.

Add to these amazing features, the 15 inch wide screen which makes internet surfing, viewing and editing spread sheets, and a doing lot more tasks convenient. Watching movies will also be amazing while watching in a laptop screen this wide.

Another notable feature of the MacBook Pro is the long battery life. If fully charged, it can last for eight hours of normal usage. The battery is also built-in, without adding thickness and weight to the laptop computer. The battery is also durable that it can retain 80% of its capacity even after thousands of times of recharging.

Not to mention the clear and noticeable exterior design of the MacBook Pro which gives reason for this laptop to receive praises from laptop enthusiasts.

Retina Display Feature Soon To Be Included in MacBook Pro

The amazing features of the 15 inch, ultra-slim MacBook Pro does not stop with the enumerations above since it is preparing to wow its fans with the upcoming retina display as among its line of features.

The upcoming MacBook Pro is defined to be slimmer than the latest MacBook Pro currently circulating in the market. However, as trade-off for its thinness, it will not be including an optical drive. The Ethernet port will also most likely be missed which will be replaced by the Thunderbolt port.

However, these deficiencies should not cause MacBook fans to worry since the upcoming MacBook Pro will be having the retina display technology that we can find in Apple’s iPad. The details of this feature are still unknown as of this date but it is expected to enable users to select among different Retina resolution modes. With this additional feature, the improvement that you will see in the screen resolution should be significant.

Other additional features with the new MacBook Pro are the USB 3.0 which is supported by the Ivy Bridge chips. The Thunderbolt port which was previously mentioned is also a promising feature which allows users to hook up external devices such as RAID arrays and video capture solutions to the Mac.

This feature can also allow users to transfer data to and from the peripherals with speed of up to 20 times faster than the USB Port 2.0

Final Words

Should these amazing features become possible with the upcoming MacBook Pro, it will certainly be a breakthrough in Apple’s MacBook devices which will flourish and become sensational in the next couple of years.


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