[iPhone] Top 7 most useful iPhone apps for 2012

After its launch in the year 2008, Steve Job’s best creation besides the iMac, the iPhone has emerged as one of the most developed and globally used gadgets due to its applications which are better known as simply apps. The phone which initially had only a 5000 application bank during its launch today has a gigantic bank of more than 251,000 applications after the launch of its fourth model the iPhone 4.

From 2008 to 2012 the iPhone has delivered numerous applications which have been loved by all users throughout the world. After a detailed investigation of consumer responses and market analysis, here is a list of seven best applications that have been released by apple in the year 2012.

The main criteria for the rating have been the utility power of these applications.

1. Twitter App for iPhone is by far the most useful application that the iPhone has to offer. Celebrities all around the world who are hooked to the social networking site of twitter keep using it frequently to update their fans of their movements and activities.

The “followers” as well find the app handy for a smoother twitter experience. The main reason for the app being rated highest is its utility to one of the most important sections of customers for the iPhone which is formed by celebrities.

2. The Skype App is another well used application. The application allows the user to make free calls to another device which has Skype installed in it. With the facility of making free Skype to Skype video calls, voice calls and text messages this is one cheap and easy way of staying connected with people.

3. Angry Birds space is one game application which has got millions addicted to it. It is an easy to play game with the concept of hitting pigs with the birds which are thrown via a stone shooter flint. The game is simple and serves as the best way to spend free time for an iPhone user.

4. Facebook App is the iPhone application for the mother of all social networking sites, Facebook. The user can upload pictures or videos, update his status and comment on posts or links on the go. The app makes the entire concept of Facebook usage more simple and easy to access.

5. Evernote is an app which acts as an entire package of every utility service starting from storing memos, notes to maintaining a to-do list, besides recording audio, syncing it and managing passwords for the user. This is a complete set of utilities packed into one application which has a lot of promise.

6. The Mint iPhone application is of great help to businessmen mainly besides the normal users. This app allows to maintain a record and to operate various credit accounts for making payments and receipts on a regular and daily basis. The application is home to credit bodies like Paypal and savings bank accounts of the user.

7. Free Music Download Pro. Priced at 0.99$, this application can download any song in any language and also has a high definition multimedia player. This handy app is the beloved of music addicts as it helps them to easily download their favorite songs on the go.

With the constant growth of the iPhone and its applications, the world is definitely looking forward to the release of more useful applications which will change the dimension of phone usage as the current apps have.

These applications have been known for boosting the image and utility of the iPhone and without a hint of doubt, the success of the iPhone mainly in USA and UK can be credited to the applications it offers to its users.


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