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We agree that your iPhone 3G is great; we know that it is better than its ancestors. We do not even dare to deny that its features are more than fantastic: it has improved camera, newly added applications, but it is the same Apple iPhone which won’t allow you use another SIM card or other apps until you unlock or jailbreak it.

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May be we had to a bit disappoint you but you can’t close the sun with a finger. So instead of sitting and mourning for the limitations your iPhone 3G has, you should think how to unlock your iPhone 3G.

It is quite right that you can’t make use of a lot of third party applications till you have not jailbroken it.

So why to sit and wait instead of acting, moreover it takes only a few minutes and you do not have to waste much time?

iphone 3g unlock

So the process of unlocking iPhone 3G is much simpler and you do not have to be a Wunderkind in order to accomplish it. So first of all you should find reliable software which won’t do any harm to your iPhone. The best source for finding the competent software may become reviews of people who have already used them and are pleased with the results.

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After finding the required software you are expected to follow several steps which will lead you to the unlocking of your iPhone.

The next step that you should do is connecting to the Internet with the help of your iPhone 3G. Then if you have already done that, you should open the Apple’s Safar browser. Then find there the firmware version of your iPhone 3G, and make sure that it is 3G.0 and then download it.

So after all these you should head to Setting, then to the General Page and then to Network and switch off 3G service. Now it is the turn of installing Cyndia, which is the jailbreaking application of your smartphone, then go to its search page, find the up to date software for your iPhone 3G.

Finally the unlocking software is applied; you can unlock your iPhone 3G.

However, this process of unlocking of iPhone 3G may seem long and incomprehensible to you, so we also advise you to turn to the relevant websites, which can help you.

A number of websites are specialized in jailbreaking and unlocking softwares, they know which ones are up to date which ones not, so you should trust them your iPhone if you are afraid of damaging it. Besides these websites have money back guarantee, you can get your money back if your feel displeased.

Finally there arises a question why to waste my time on finding trustful software which may turn into a harmful one in the end? In order not to mix the roles and responsibilities and avoid such situations we should allow the writer to write poems, novels etc, the painter to paint still life or landscape paintings so on, in one sentence every person should do her/his job.

Hence I recommend you to let the professionals do their job, and by concluding I should state “Do not make yourselves understand unlocking and jailbreaking, may be you are among the above mentioned painters or writers.”



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