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Hands on with the planet’s First Cinemascopic Ultrabook


Ultrabooks which were designed by Intel as a high end e-notebook are now being revamped by Toshiba’s U840W Cinemascope Satellite Ultrabook. With a Cinemascope ratio of 21:9 , this little beauty can fit in movie images with widescreen features thus letting you effectively take your movies wherever you go in an entirely new way.

This 21:9 ratio is the exact ratio that you get to see on a movie screen, actually, so you won’t be missing out the theater experience. Definitely something for movie buffs to be inspired and picked up from the market.


There are a lot of features on this Ultrabook which are truly inspirational. With a backlight in LED, color and contrast is enhanced which makes for a very pleasurable experience while watching movies. Even the extremely wide angle shots are done justice to in this gadget. And because it has a capacity to split the screen, you can work easily on two or more documents, pictures and windows at the same time.

This is all thanks to the 21:9 ratio which can be divided into two panes—one as 16:9 and the other 5:9.

This is a super slim generation and the Toshiba Ultrabook keeps to it. The shape has been altered a bit, thanks to the redesign for this cinemascope Ultrabook, but that does not change the fact that it looks pretty good! Elegant, with a polished finish, this book has a textured pattern which makes it easier to hold and ensures it doesn’t simply slip from your grasp.

The touchpad is also pretty large, which makes it easier to navigate across the screen, but if you intend to do a lot of typing on this, you might find it slightly troublesome as the keyboard seems to have become smaller.

Let’s move to more important factors than looks, then. What does it really hold as memory and battery? To our delight, the battery is exactly as was promised –all day. It is really pretty incredible, because it has a 32GB drive that ensures that reboot occurs pretty quickly and that battery life is more enhanced.

If you’re looking to store really large heavy files though, you might want to specify you want the 10GB DDR3 RAM, but you should also know it comes with an additional storage of 500GB HDD.

The point is, this notebook was created primarily for movie watchers. Everything else is pretty much the same as what you would find on other laptops, but if you are serious about movie watching, then this is the one to go for. It will change your viewing experience!

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