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Giveaway : Total Defense Antivirus plus 6 months License Key for free


Giveaways of major security suites only happen in the beta stage. But the giveaways of smaller but powerful suites are vast. Majority of you haven’t heard about Total Defense AntiVirus Plus. It integrates virus and spyware combating capabilities with guarding your PC from worms, Trojans, and other malware.

Total Defense Antivirus Plus is now offering a 6 months free license in their giveaway page.

Yes, “A genuine 6 months license key for free”

About Total Defense AntiVirus Plus:

1.Offers comprehensive professional-grade security to home and home office PC users.

2. Designed specifically for home and home office environments, Total Defense AntiVirus Plus introduces some industry-leading anti-malware enhancements and automatic USB scanning technologies.

3. It packs unprecedented power into an even smaller memory footprint, making your computer security leaner, meaner and smarter than ever before.

4. You can browse, email, send files, and chat online securely and keep your PC running at top condition.

Click on the button to visit their giveaway page and download the installer to your PC.

[button id=”Totaldefense” class=”securityav” size=”large” align=”center” link=”http://shop.ca.com/ca/landingpages/2011/antivirusplus/index.asp” linkTarget=”_blank” color=”blue”]Get Total Defense Security Plus FREE[/button]


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