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Another Cloud technology to go green and paperless: Doctape


Good news for Cloud lovers. A German company Doctape is launching a service to use the files in the cloud. You may be thinking this is the same old stuff, but this helps corporate offices as they can read and organise files in the cloud itself.

The objective of the company is to go paper free and implement green technology to the cloud. Instead of putting piles of paper on office desk, you can use the Doctape to view files in the cloud.


Unlike Dropbox and other cloud service, you don’t need to download the file to view it. It saves your bandwidth and paper too. Doctape was built off the Node.js platform, which eBay, LinkedIn and Microsoft use for their cloud technologies. All your data is perfectly stored in the cloud to your tape or the digital file cabinet. Doctape supports several file types, including JPEG, PNG, PDF, MP4 and Word documents.

After uploading the file, it can be tagged, viewed, shared and downloaded. In addition to sharing individual documents, you can share your entire tape with another person enhancing the true power of cloud


Doctape website itself is lightweight and very simple to use. There are colour codes for all your files and there are tags that replace folders for simple navigation. It supports drag and drop from your PC and there is no flashy stuff in here.

The company was founded in March of 2011 by three entrepreneurs based in Germany who bootstrapped to get Doctape off the ground. Doctape is in private beta and later this year,Doctape will show up at the San Francisco Node Summit at the end of January. In order to use this cloud service you need to request a signup from their homepage.


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