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Augmented reality apps for your iPhone


The way we view our world has changed in many ways. Once, virtual reality was the biggest thing in technology. Imagine, instead of creating a different reality, the reality that you view over your devices like the iPhone can be enhanced? This is what augmented reality apps do. They produce a view of a physical, genuine environment and use CG sensory information like GPS data or graphics i.e. the graphic card that your device has videos and sounds.  Augmented reality is an enhanced perception of the web. It is slowly becoming more popular. In fact, IBM has announced that it will release an app that allows customers to scan products. The app will show discounts and reviews as well, and customers also have the option of reviewing products themselves and sharing the page with friends over social networks.

If you have an iPhone, there are several apps you can use to get this experience.


  1. Theodolite: For sports buffs, this is a must-download. If you love to go hiking and generally be outdoors, this app will help you with your GPS, map, altitude, azimuth, elevation angle, and horizon angle. You will never be lost if you have this app, and because it is augmented reality, you’ll see real word geographical figures so what you see on the screen and off the screen will be nearly identical.
  2. Cyclopedia: Love to learn? What Cyclopedia does is; use your camera and your GPS system, and replaces the viewfinder with Wikipedia information. How this works is, you wave your iPhone around, and the app picks up different articles at which you point. You’ll get a list of titles which lead you to the Wiki, and then you may choose to read the overview or explore the entire article.
  3. Star Chart: Star chart is for astronomy enthusiasts. Merely point your iPhone to the sky, and you’ll see a drawn map of the sky, showing you constellations and stars and planets you can learn the names of, and because it is augmented, it works in daylight also. It takes information which is presently around and builds itself around it. You can even explore different moons of planets, by zooming, because this app supports a fantastic range of zoom.
  4. Augmented Car Finder: App makers seem to think of everything! With this app, you can find your car out of the thousands parked in a busy parking lot. All you do is follow the arrows, and retrace your steps.

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