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7 Tactics to Promote Your Blog Post After the Penguin Update


Google with constant changes to its algorithm are keeping webmasters on their toes if they wish to survive the now-murky waters of Internet marketing. But one thing is clear than ever before – maintaining the content quality is the best bet to sail through any changes in the Google algorithm in future.

Although content is of prime importance, if you do not back it with relevant promotional efforts, it will not be long when your site will tank and lose the battle to your competing websites in no time. To keep up with the promotion tactics for the popularity of your blog post after the Google Penguin update, here are a few things that you can do by yourself or suggest your SEO consultant to it on your behalf:

  1. RSS to Email – You can set up a campaign using RSS to Email. If you use MailChimp, then you can set this up easily. All that you have to do is create a new subscriber list and then configure an email template that is mobile friendly. Now create the campaign so that when you have a new post, it is sent automatically.
  2. Google Currents – Currents is to Google what Flipboard is to iPad. Create your digital magazine using this application. To use this, open Currents page, give a name to your edition, plug your RSS feed and other accounts. You can also customize the look with various color schemes and get it running.
  3. Google+ – This social site is steadily building up its network and you can share your content using this platform. It does not have character limitation and thus, you are free to include content with your status updates. Use good links with eye-catching keywords.
  4. Twitter – If you are already posting on Twitter, consider adding specific hashtags to relate to topics in your blog. It is an effective way to reach out to people. A Twitter post showing up on the hashtag stream is usually retweeted. Find out the popular hashtags today and start using them.
  5. Bookmark on Reddit – The power of bookmarking an article on Reddit is huge. But you can’t  just appear on Reddit and expect everyone to start reading you. You have to first establish a readership and ask them to promote your blog. One thing about Reddit is that unless your content is good, you cannot stay there.
  6. Pinterest – If you have original photos or graphics to use for the content you have developed, then you can pin it on Pinterest and get some more following.

If you are a first time in promoting your blog, then these will seem a little hard to you. There is, however, a first time and once you get the hang of it, your post will be visible in a number of places.



  1. Hi Brenda
    nice post .. Reddit is very powerful social bookmarking website, youcan get loads of traffic from that website if your content is good, you have shared some very good points on how to promote your blog after penguin uptade, thanks for sharing this


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