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3 Reasons Why You Must Own “Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games”?


What are the first two names that pop in your mind when you hear about classic arcade video games? Mario the plumber and Sonic the hedgehog, right? Well, what will you do if you find that you can experience the combined awesomeness of these two legendary video game characters in the same installation? Add to this, the fact that the game takes place in the backdrop of the London Olympic Games 2012, and you have an instant hit. If you haven’t heard about this legendary game until now, or are still in two minds if you should buy it or not, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t miss out on the latest “Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games”:

 1.      Awesome Graphics

 The best thing about Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games is that it achieves the best of both worlds when it comes to graphics. It manages to hold onto the plastic look of the arcade games and at the same time ensures that it delivers top-notch graphics to juice the maximum out of the latest gaming consoles. The graphics of Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games also happen to be extremely responsive with negligible lag that you will not notice in all probability.

 2.      Selection Of Events

 Many critics find arcade games guilty of the fact that they are boring and repetitive. This is one thing even the worst hater of arcade game can’t complain about when he plays Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. Thanks to the fact that the game is set in the 2012 London Olympic Games, you will have a plethora of events from which you can choose. Choose your favorite event and throw Sonic and Mario in the pit to enjoy it. Got bored? Choose a new event!

 3.      Multi-Player Gaming

 What is the one thing that chokes your skills as a video gamer? Most gamers would say the idiotic ‘intelligence’ of the programmed AI (Artificial Intelligence)! With Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, you can test your skills against your friends and family members and have real life thrill of competing in an Olympic Games event. Have fun participating in all the events and progress through the stages unlocking new ones with your friends as competition!

 Yes, the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games comes with its fair share of flips and flops – No setup for left handed players, complicated instructions for some of the events and a few more. But, these don’t stop making it one of the top must-have arcade games for 2012! If you wish to play this game online, you can visit the website, Sonic Games 365.




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